10 Minute Fundraiser

How It Works


10 Minute Fundraiser only takes 10 minutes for participation. The school or organization has each of the parents send out 10 text messages to potential supporters on their child's behalf. 


10 Minute Fundraisers are only kept open for 10 days. 

Why It Works


Time is limited. Parents do not want to set up a custom page for their child or sell anything. All you are asking them to do to support your school or organization's fundraiser is give 10 minutes of their time and text 10 people. 

How much will we make?
  • 400 Elementary Children

  • 250 Families Participate 

  • 2,500 potential donors 

  • 20% donate = 500 Donors 


$25,000 Total Donated*  

*Results will vary, the above is a typical scenario* 



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