Why It Works

Personal Touch - 10 Minute Fundraiser
Reason 1 - Personal Touch

With the 10 Minute Fundraiser, we offer a direct contact between the participants and the potential supporters - not an automated email to an already over-cluttered email inbox. This type of delivery is better received, easier to engage with, and allows for a warmth that is challenging to achieve via emails or other solicitations.

Fast -  - 10 Minute Fundraiser
Reason 2 - Minimal Time Commitment 

With the 10 Minute Fundraiser, parents or other participants will only have to spend a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes to participate. We've seen this directly result in participation numbers being the highest some schools and organizations have ever experienced. 

Keep It Simple - 10 Minute Fundraiser
Reason 3 - Simple

Keeping it simple is the whole idea behind 10 Minute Fundraiser - so you can expect that we deliver. With our service, you will not need participants to go to a website, register their child or other information, create a log in, upload a picture, or enter in email addresses. We made it so easy that they can just sit on their couch at home and text 10 potential supporters.

Blind Amount Raised - 10 Minute Fundrais
Reason 4 - Blind Amount Raised 

There are no money goals or status updates showing the potential donors how much your fundraiser has already raised. During our research, we discovered that when a donor believes the school or organization has already raised enough money, they do not donate. With 10 Minute Fundraiser, the donor does not know how much the child or the school/organization has raised, allowing the fundraiser to be more successful.