How It Works

Get Started Today

It’s EASY!  Just submit your school or organization information, primary contact information (principal, PTO president, etc.), and the desired fundraising start date. Once that’s been submitted, one of our experienced fundraising support specialists will reach out to you to complete the fundraiser set up.

Information Pass Out

Our specialist will then instruct you on how to get the 10 Minute Fundraiser instructions out to all the primary participants (parents, members, etc.) in your school or organization. There’s simply no need to struggle to get everyone together for an assembly or other gathering! 

Easy Sharing

Each primary participant will follow the simple instructions and send out 10 text messages (customized with their name and your school or organization) with the link to donate to your 10 Minute Fundraiser.


All of the potential supporters (friends, family, colleagues, and other community members) will receive the text message and be able to easily donate right from their device! The fundraiser will remain open for 10 days to allow for maximum participation.


You’re able to track donations by participant with real-time reports that will only be available to the school or organization managing the 10 Minute Fundraiser.

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