As the founders of 10 Minute Fundraiser, we have a combined 27 years of hands-on experience in the fundraising industry. After years of hearing "we don't want to sell anything, people would rather just donate,”' we realized the fundraising industry was changing. We searched the market for a solution that would accept donations via debit and credit cards while enabling families to participate quickly and efficiently - all without having to dedicate much time or effort.


But there wasn't a solution.  So, we built it.  DONAT10N is proud to offer 10 Minute Fundraiser as the perfect fundraising strategy for numerous causes, from youth sports teams to PTA drives.

Having run thousands of fundraisers, DONAT10N knows the importance of the process being seamless, efficient, and user-friendly. Each step was developed with substantial knowledge of all moving parts, different scenarios, and hurdles that can arise while running a fundraiser. 10 Minute Fundraiser was designed and built by implementing the technology with real schools and organizations for real-time testing and enhancement.  This allowed for DONAT10N to discover and design every detail inside the technology to work for so many people, organizations, and objectives.


While our process is innovative, it's still in line with the ways donors are supporting their schools, organizations, and communities.  We're proud of that and can't wait to help you with your fundraiser today!